Removed some obsolete code.
From now on i am begining to work on "
one day: new tracker[s]" basis!

You never believe, but i am back to finish my job. 
Some cosmetic and design rearrangements.
Project defrosted after almost half of year depressing silence. 
Due to performance issues interface reverted back to classic, non-web 2.0 look. 
Cleaned out some junk. 
From this moment all efforts will be directed to base stuffing ONLY.
Added Best Players and Best Soundchips sections. 
And of course some trackers.
Reworked interface a bit. Added some rare stuff. 
Continuing to update database.
Some interface rearrangements.
Changed some graphics.
Reorganized some things. Added compatibility code to blogger template.
 Optimization hack to improve overall performance. More stuff to come.
First version of database with modern interface released to public.
Many improvements and tweaks to default Blogger template.
Consider this as alpha version.
First attempt of online database on project. 
Hosting and programming by Zuf.
End of 2007 
First offsprings of idea to make global database of trackers.
 Around 1990
I had seen tracker for the very first time and this was Scream Tracker 2, exactly at this moment i realised, that i completely became tracker addict.  

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