[only Picatune 2 site available]

Picatune is a tracker for executable music and music used in 4k intros, based on the operator stacking concept. The tracker is written in Borland Delphi 5.


 · Operator stacking
 · Win32 PE executable export (T0A+BeRoEXEPacker integrated)
 · Frequency modulation, Ring modulation, Additive synthesis, Subtractive synthesis,
   Frequency multiplication modulation
 · Sine, SawTri, Pulse, White noise
 · Delay
 · Low pass + High pass filters
 · Simple limiting compressor (limiter)
 · 3 oscillators per generator
 · Generators are stackable on each other (e.g. two connected generators = 6 osciallators)
 · and more!

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