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Musetracker is an NES music tracker that I originally created about 4 years ago to be used in the NES demo “High Hopes”. Back then FamiTracker was too resource hungry to be used in a demo and NerdTracker II, IMO, was too limited. I was supposed to release it right after Assembly 2007 but somehow that didn’t happen due to feature creep and some other things. I have a added a lot of features since then, like raw PCM sample support and better editing options.

Musetracker is was the only NES tracker supporting raw PCM samples (7-bit with 7.8 kHz sampling rate). So why 7.8 kHz? I wanted to be able to use the tunes in a demo at some point, so playing a sample every two scanlines (PAL) seemed like the best option. Just to clear any misconceptions: Musetracker doesn’t resample the PCM samples in realtime! This means the sample can only be played at the frequency it was imported at. The rationale is, like said above, to be able to use the results in an actual production — resampling would eat too much CPU for that.

Musetracker was formerly called Pornotracker.

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