Farandole Composer

GUI is styled after Tran/Renaissance's Composer 669 Composer. The Farandole Composer is for DOS and was coded by Daniel Potter and released 1993. Shareware. Common file extension: FAR

The Farandole composer is a 16 channel digital composer for the Gravis
Ultrasound card (referred to as GUS throughout this documentation). The
composer is styled after Tran/Renaissance's "Composer 669". We decided
to style after Composer 669 because we felt that it had the most usable
environment of all of the composers that we had tried. We also wanted to
create a "familiar" environment, so that people would not have a hard
time learning the new composer. The Farandole composer uses most of the
same commands as Composer 669, but we have added and taken away a few
things here and there. If you read the Composer 669 documentation, most
of the stuff that applies there also applies to the Far composer.

Here are some of the features that we feel make Farandole such a fantastic

1) 16 digital channels (stereo!) with no mixing on the GUS (produces
   fantastic sound!)
2) A familiar environment (similar to composer 669) which shows all 16
   channels on the screen at once! (132 column text mode)
3) Panning of each channel to 16 different positions which are
   selectable during playtime or during composition.
4) Fine tempo ranges so that you can get the exact tempo that you want.
5) Support for 8 bit and 16 bit samples.
6) Very flexible instrument and order edit screens.
7) Loads FAR, 669, MOD, STM, MTM formats.
8) Can use a special sample format (called FSM) that saves the loop
   start, loop end, and 32 character name with the sample. Long filenames are
   fully handled.
9) A HUGE pattern edit screen so that you can see whats going on!
   (unlike some other composers).

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