Extreme's Tracker

Gravis Ultrasound ONLY tracker.

   * 32 GUS Channels
   * 255 Samples
   * 65536 Patterns
   * 65536 Positions
   * 7 Commands on each note
   * 8 Octaves
   * Separate panpot for each sample
   * Variable C-2 frequency for each sample
   * More Effect Commands
   * Packed patterndata and samples
   * Configurable to match FastTracker/ScreamTracker/Protracker etc standards
   * Over 50 different options in the config.
   * All key shortcuts are reconfigurable
   * Longer samplenames/songname
   * Separate names on each channel and each pattern for easier identification
   * Special Module Description Editor for entering long descriptions of
     your music tune
   * Sample Editor
   * Position Editor
   * Advanced Split Keyboard Feature
   * MIDI styled keyboard (let's you press several keys simultaniously)
   * Loads AMS, MOD, S3M, STM, IFF, SMP and DP3
   * And of course alot more for you to discover!

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