EasyMod for Windows Version 1.0  was coded by Capt. Apathy in an attempt to make MOD creation easier. It is designed to make creating and editing MOD files simple and fast. It includes a song table editor, pattern editor, and sample editor for fully integrated MOD file creation and sample recording.  EasyMod is also a MOD player.

Currently, EasyMod supports 4-Channel Protracker 1.1 MOD files, the Gravis Ultrasound card for MOD playback, and Windows wave devices for sample recording and playback. If you would like to see other formats or sound cards supported, please see Who's this Apathy guy anyway? for contacting the author. Special consideration will be given to anyone who can supply formats and/or code with the request. I'll even give you an official thank-you in the next release.

To use EasyMod, you DO NOT require the Gravis Ultrasound. All editing features will work. You will simply need another player to hear what you have a created. You WILL be able to sample and playback samples if you have a Windows WAVE device installed on your computer.

You DO, however, require Windows 3.1

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