Whacker Tracker

A Sound/Noise/Protracker-compatible tracker for the PC-family.

Programmers : H†kan Gustavsson and Stein Norheim
Graphics    : H†kan Dahlberg and H†kan Gustavsson.

The CodeBlaster's Whacker Tracker is an AMIGA-compatible soundtracker for the PC-Family. The biggest difference is: What the AMIGA does with hardware, TCB does with software. Of course, it takes lots of CPU-time to make 4-voiced music on the PC. If you have a 16 MHz computer with an 80286-CPU and no memory-handlers installed, you will be able to run our music system at the replay rate 16 KHz (KiloHertz) or even higher. This means that the tracker will call the music-generating routine 16000 times per second, and that eats your CPU-time!

Things that are available in the registered version:

* Stereo-support
* MIDI-support
* Auto-channel-switch
* Finetune
* Print
* Scopes
* SB Pro mixer window

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