X-Tracker 32

It seems that tracker was never released to public. It was stucked at alpha testing phase.

Features done/in work:

- 32 tracks, up to 255 rows per pattern
- Stereo samples, mp3 samples
- 32-bit internal mixing with cosinus-interpolation
- Multichannel WAV-Renderer
- Skinable interface based on GDI. Everything is 100% SAA/Windows-compatible and intuitive. All functions can be used by keyboard, shortcuts and hotkeys etc.
- Skineditor for creating own skins, colorschemes and fonts
- Loads&Saves DMF modules (xtracker-compatible fileversion 8 and xtracker32 extended DMF)
- Lossless or lossy compression for samples saved inside DMF
- Imports MOD, S3M, XM, IT2 modules
- Exports WAV
- Loads&Saves DSF samples and DIF instruments
- Imports WAV, XI, PAT, MP3 samples/instruments
- Easy to use effect-editor, no hexcodes to learn
- Supports all typical tracker effects + filters, delay and reverb

Planned features:

- Network tracking
- P2P-Filesharing for modules and samples

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