Velvet Studio

    Allows up to 7 commands per channel on each row, up to 256 rows in each pattern, 65536 patterns and 256 instruments (with 16 samples on each instrument). All data is dynamic, meaning that each pattern can have different size, length and number of channels.

   Advanced instrument editor for creating more realistic sounds. Apply linear or curved waveforms to the sample volume, pitch or panpot envelope in real time and experience your samples turning into synthesized monsters!

     Displays the sample envelope graphically on screen which you can zoom, scroll and playback in numerous ways. Cut/copy/paste as you like, set loop points, draw freehand, boost it or filter it. Or perhaps run a nice effect on it, like Reverb, Echo, Pitch, Delay, Robot, Flanger, Cucumber(?) and much more.Time invariant effects available, making it possible to pitch without changing the timing of the sample. Effects can be combinated to endlessly complicated new effects.

   Create your long song descriptions in the simple text editor provided, instead of destroying the sample names. Very good if you want to include a lot of information with your music.

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