Ultra Tracker

UltraTracker is a module editor from 1993 for DOS and Gravis UltraSound sound card. It supports up to 32 channels and 8 or 16-bit samples. It was programmed by Marc Andrй Schallehn (MAS of Prophecy). Common file extension: ULT.

Main features

- full 32 track support (stereo)
- full support for 8bit and 16bit samples
- no ultra-clicks (GUS users know what it is about)
- supports nearly all ProTracker effects, some own ones and effect combination
- loads: .MOD, .669, .MTM, .FAR, .S3M and .ULT
- loads: *.WAV, *.SND, *.FSM, *.PAT, *.UWF, *.IFF and all types of RAW sample
- mouse support, sample editor, easy to use interface
- all functions are available, even in unregistered version

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