PlayerPro is a music composer and sound editor (SoundTracker) for MOD S3M XM IT UMX . Uses XI, Quicktime or SoundFonts. Currently runs on MacOS and OSX; playback engines also available for Windows and BeOS. Upcoming version 6 will support ALSA (Linux).


- plays music tracker modules
- opens native MADK and older MADfg , MADH, MADI
- imports MOD, S3M, XM, IT, MED, OktaMED ,669, Midi , MTM , ULT, UMX, AMF, DMF
- exports AIFF , MPEG4/AAC , as well as MOD , S3M , XM modules
- midi I/o enabled on supported platforms for recording + playback
- OpCode OMS on Mac OS Classic, CoreMidi on Mac OS X
- multi-track midi recording
- supports native and VST effects for samples , channels and global
- VST effect plugins are computed at 32bits
- SoundFonts / DLS2 supported for samples
- handles 256 instruments and 256 simultaneous audio channels
- supports stereo (binaural) samples and multiple channels per track
- can render at 24 bit / 48KHz; with surround, reverb and up to 30x 
- oversampling
- audio output can be routed via Steinberg ASIO device API support.
- APIs offer program extensibility through plugins (effects,formats etc)
- supports up to 64 samples per instrument ; with smart regions
- can perform actual musical chords in addition to fancy arpeggios
- realtime pitch and speed adjustment during authoring and playback
- 16bit volume and panning envelopes
- lots of visual inspectors for amp and PSNR monitoring

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