Impulse Tracker

Successor of great Scream Tracker. Impulse Tracker is a multi-track digital sound tracker (music sequencer). It was one of the last tracker programs for the DOS platform and the most powerful one. It was authored by Jeffrey "Pulse" Lim, and example music was provided by Jeffrey Lim and Chris Jarvis. The first released version is from year 1995 and the last version, v2.14 Patch #5, was released April 8, 1999.

The software was distributed as freeware, though for a fee the author supplies extra features, such as support for WAV output and co-editing songs over IPX networks. After the stereo WAV writer plugin was publicly pirated, the original author announced that he would discontinue development after version 2.14. Impulse Tracker was coded in Assembly language.

MOD, MTM, S3M, XM and IT compatibility.
Supports the following sound devices:
Sound Blaster
Sound Blaster Pro
Sound Blaster 16
Sound Blaster AWE 32
Terratec EWS64
Hoontech Soundtrack 97 PCI
Gravis UltraSound, PnP, Max
Pro Audio Spectrum
Pro Audio Spectrum 16
PC Speaker

Easy-to-use, familiar Scream Tracker 3 style interface.
Direct control over 64 channels.
Maximum of 256 internal channels for greater sound quality, using NNAs (New Note Actions); Full panning (on SBPro, SB16 and GUS).
Stereo Surround (on SBPro and SB16).
Variable pattern lengths.
Full block functions available (across-channel also!)
Volume envelopes.
Ping Pong loops and sustain loops for samples.
Global volumes for channels and samples.
Now with S3M saver, instrument I/O, and extra panning controls in the volume column!
As of version 1.04, support for 16 bit samples, and samples greater than 64k!
As of version 2.0, added panning and pitch envelopes.