Digital Tracker



DIGITAL TRACKER is a new kind of soundtracker only on Falcon.

- Read a lot of formats : Protracker, Noisetracker, Octalyser,
  ScreamTracker ( S3M from PC), Fasttracker ( MOD from PC)
  MultiTracker (MTM from PC), 669 (from PC) and many others...
- From 4 to 32 voices in mono or stereo.
- 6 octaves.
- New note format with a volume for each note and new effect !
- Using of samples with frequencies from 1Khz to 50Khz in 8 or 16 bits
  mono or stereo in the same module, in any note, 
  any lenght (not limited at 65K)
- Sampler with many functions, sampling in all frequencies of the Falcon.
  with 8,16 bits of precisions in mono or stereo.
- Many, many functions to copy, delete, shearch an note,etc...
- Using of locators to play a part of the mod.
- Many options, MAX VOLUME (same volume in 4 voices or 32 voices),REAL VOLUME, ACCORD EDITION, etc...
- Using of MIDI (command of edition since the midikeyboard, using of
  velocity, etc...)
- Many sources in C,GFA,ASM to play DTM module
- Source in asm to play quickly (demo or game) DTM module
- DIGIPLAY is a GEM player to play any modules. (you can do K7 of certains
  modules and play an K7 under interruption, or play a path,etc...)

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