Cheese Tracker

CheeseTracker is modeled after a DOS-based freeware program called Impulse Tracker (which has been abandonware since the late 1990s). It is mostly compatible with Impulse Tracker, being able to load Impulse Tracker files.


- Unlimited sample size
- Keymaps: Build instruments that use a range of samples, just like a hardware sampler.
- LADSPA sound effect filters with near-analog quality
- Built-in effect filters: amplifier/reverb/stereo chorus/echo/eq/distortion/pitch shift (effect filters can be combined).
- Up to 64 simultaneous voices
- Volume, pan, and pitch envelopes with sustain loop
- Built-in sample editor
- Sample loops with forward and ping-pong modes
- Compatible with JACK, ALSA, and OSS audio architectures
- Most functions are accessible from the keyboard
- Plays samples at different pitches to create notes
- Simulated live musical keyboard (using a QWERTY keyboard) can play alongside programmed songs

CheeseTracker supports most of the key bindings from Impulse Tracker. CheeseTracker is not without its limits, however. CheeseTracker is not aware of the fact that sound cards exist that support more than 2 channels or sample sizes greater than 16 bits. CheeseTracker also lacks support for MIDI.

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