AHX is a ProTracker-like music editor that was designed especially to create C64-like synthetic tunes. There is no support for sampled instruments as chip tunes are made to be as small in size as possible. So an average AHX tune has a length of about 200 bytes - 5 kbytes (unpacked). All waveforms of the C64 are supported: Triangle, Sawtooth, Square and White Noise. Also Hi-/Lo-Pass filtering effects are supported.

Amiga tracker created by Pink [Manfred Linzner/Germany] and Dexter of Abyss in 1996. AHX is the later version of THX Tracker which had to be renamed after George Lucas company threatened to sue. AHX offers the possibility to create chiptunes that sound like C64 (Commodore 64) music.

Latest version released is 2.3d-Service Pack 2 (10-Nov-98)