Aero Studio

Aero Studio combines traditional piano roll/parameter automation editing with pattern editing (tracker style). A pattern editor is like a spreadsheet style representation of your song data. Programming synths on the fly is a piece of cake.

It seems that tracker is abandoned and in status of beta version. So it is not full featured and 100% usable.

Modular event/audio routing (Modular mixer model)

Connect your gear in any way you want!
Use the machine view for easy overview and switch to the channel connections view when you want to connect individual channels. Aero studio can handle machines with any number of inputs and outputs.

Superior quality

Every single calculation is done using 64 bits precision. Aero features some of the highest quality synthesizers ever made. Most of the gear uses an adaptive quality model where the CPU usage can be reduced drastically without altering the perceived sound.

Event chaining technology
Continuous time event scheduling
Virtual keyboard
VST/VSTi support

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