Ace Tracker

A soundtracker based on the ACE engine.
New version features improved compatibility with accelerators, portamento.

Sound engine

- Up to 16 voices on a standard Falcon 030.
- 256 sounds in memory.
- 2 oscillator modes:
- Sample mode: 16bit, maximum 256 samples in memory, 20Mb each.
- Synth mode: 2 oscillators per voice:
- First oscillator: Saw ramp up/down, Noise, Square.
- Second oscillator: Saw ramp up/down, Square positive, Square.
3 modes to mix the two oscillators; normal (add), merge (xor) and ring modulation (multiplication).
- VCA (amplifier) with ADSR envelope.
- VCF (low-pass filter) with ADSR envelope.
- LFO (low frequency oscillator) with 6 different waveforms. Can be connected to frequency and/or filter and/or volume.
- Step modulator. A 32-step "sequencer". Draw individual curves for frequency, filter and volume.
- Velocity curves. Seperate curves for volume and filter response.
- Internal postprocessing effects: reverb and stereo (ping-pong) delay.

MIDI version

- Multitimbral, 16 channels, 120 split points per channel.
- Velocity support.
- Pitch bend support.
- Modulation wheel support.

Tracker version

- 256 positions and 256 patterns.
- Dynamic pattern size, from 1 track with 1 line to 16 tracks with 64 lines.
- MIDI input.
- 4 pattern columns: note, sound, effect, and volume or filter.


- Replay frequency of 32780Hz, giving a bandwidth of 0-16kHz.
- Support for 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 50kHz.
- Support for external outputs like the Jam OUT and FAD series.
- SPDIF support.


- Atari Falcon030
- 4Mb ST-RAM
- VGA or RGB monitor